Our mission is to diversify every organization on the planet and help women in tech find jobs they love.

Diversity and inclusion matter

We strongly encourage employers to embrace diversity and inclusion as fundamental values when hiring through Shero. #BeAShero

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What is Shero?

Shero is the 🏆 #1 Remote Job Board for female tech talent. We help super talented women get jobs at tech companies around the world.

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Hey! I'm Cliff, the creator of Shero - nice to meet you! I built Shero to help Women of Color and women in tech get hired at top tech companies around the world that are embracing diversity and inclusion.

Growing up as an only child to a single mother, I witnessed firsthand the struggles & challenges my mom faced in the job market, and having a front row seat to those challenges is what inspired me to build Shero — not only to help women find jobs they love, but more importantly to help empower women to live their best lives.

I've bootstrapped Shero since its inception and our growth has been 100% organic and word of mouth. We're a tiny, unfunded, small-teamed startup (by "small-teamed", I mean me), but top companies, from startups to Fortune 500, like Paypal, SeatGeek, Hinge, Zapier, Yardi, Godaddy, Amazon, and others have used Shero to post remote jobs and hire top female tech talent from around the world.

Shero gives women in tech more flexibility to live, work and enjoy life from anywhere, while helping companies hire the best female tech talent no matter where they are.

My mission is to shrink the diversify gap in every organization on the planet—let's do it together!

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