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A woman sitting at a desk on computer

15 Industry Leaders Share Helpful, Supportive Resources For Female Tech Professionals

November 8, 2022

Women have had a major impact on the tech industry, and their presence in a variety of tech-focused roles and leadership positions is growing.

Kathy Leake
Fast Company
A woman sitting at a desk on computer

Women In Tech: Gender bias and tips to beat the odds

November 7, 2022

Women enter technology-related fields from different angles. Many look for positions where they can contribute to and grow with an existing company, and some, like me, jump head first into the startup fray.

A woman sitting at a desk on computer

The State of Remote Work in 2022

July 30, 2022

We're answering the top questions you've been asking about the current state of remote work. Check out the infographics below:

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