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Future Family
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Data Engineer

We are looking for an awesome Data Engineer to join our engineering team. You will be responsible for our data warehouse and business intelligence systems, managing our data pipelines (including our ETL systems) and data collection requirements for cross functional teams. You will work closely with the rest of our software development team and help guide DB architectural decisions. You must be self-directed and comfortable working with multiple teams including finance, partnerships, sales, product, and marketing. Since this is our first hire for this position, you will have the opportunity to build systems and solutions from the ground up.


  • 5+ years experience as a data engineer
  • Understands both SQL and NoSQL DB architecture
  • Self-directed individual contributor
  • Move fast; fix forward
  • Feel a sense of ownership to the solutions you rollout

What excites us:

  • Background in FinTech
  • GCP, Datastore & BigQuery experience
  • Experience with Heap as well as Google Analytics
  • Worked with ETL sol’ns like Fivetran
  • Worked with BI tools, such as Google Data Studio
  • Python experience

About Future Family

At Future Family, our mission is to help people build families by providing access to fertility treatment through financing and fertility coaching support. Our SF-based company was founded by Claire Tomkins, who personally went through IVF. Since fertility treatment can be an expensive and stressful journey, we tackle both the cost and complexity of the experience.

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Future Family
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