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Shero is a direct pipeline to the world's most talented women in tech. We value quality over quantity, so we offer a targeted approach with a high-quality, targeted audience.

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Save up to 25% on job post bundles

Hey there! Bundles are available with Storm ($299), Captain Marvel ($399), and Wonder Woman ($549).

Just fill out the form, pick your preferred tier and we'll send you a quote along with an invoice for you to make the payment. We'll give you a special coupon to use at checkout for all your job listings. Bundle pricing is good for a year!

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HireHer - A direct pipeline to top female tech talent | Product Hunt

Shero is trusted by some of the top remote and female-friendly tech companies in the game!

👩🏽 Unlimited candidates

There's no limit to the number of people who can apply to your jobs—we want to help you find all the talent you need to succeed.

♻️ Unlimited "active jobs"

Changed your mind on a position you'd like to hire for? Not a problem, swap out active jobs at any time.

💳 Starting at $299/mo

There's no commitment, no hidden cost, no fee when you hire someone and you can cancel whenever your heart desire.

📧 Targeted email blast

We'll share your job with 2000+ top female job seekers with targeted email distribution and job alerts.

Google for Jobs

   Google for Jobs

Your job listing will be distributed on the Google hiring network for greater visibilty and applies.

🖼 Photo job listings

Bring your job listing to life with a photo job post (2X views). Make your company standout and showcase your brand.

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