The State of Remote Work in 2022

Published on:
July 30, 2022
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We're answering the top questions you've been asking about the current state of remote work. Check out the infographics below:

The Top 5 Remote Work Trends

1. Remote work continues to rise while a full return to the office may never happen.

Experts call the migration to remote jobs the most significant shift in the workplace since World War II. This is great news for remote companies

2. Over half of people surveyed are choosing to work remotely after the pandemic.

With over two years of remote work under our belt, people don’t want to give up the perks of working remote.

It’s become the preferred way of life for more than 60% of people surveyed (up from 54% in 2020) who said they’d continue to work from home once the coronavirus outbreak subsides, according to Karla Miller of The Washington Post.

3. Working remotely makes working easier and helps people become more productive.

Pew Research revealed that 44% of people admit that working from home makes it easier to reach deadlines and get work done—not surprising at all.

Being more efficient leaves remote workers with more room in their schedules for a healthy work-life balance, which also boosts energy levels, motivation, and drive.

4. The remote work job market is fiercely competitive.

Remote positions generate 300% more job applicants than those without this option.

Remote companies now have the upper hand on recruiting top talent. Since more applicants are automatically attracted to your flexible work style, you’ll get to choose from the cream of the crop.

5. Remote companies pay better, enticing dream candidates.

High-paying remote jobs are at unprecedented levels. Before Covid hit, only 4% of remote jobs fit this category. Now high-paying remote jobs account for a whopping 15% today.

Remote job seekers should take advantage of this candidate-driven market.

There’s no shortage of remote companies hiring and paying what employees are worth. Competitive employee benefits packages are also a hot selling point.

What this means for you:

If you’re a remote job seeker…

It’s time to make sh!t happen. With so many people competing for remote roles, you should sign up and upload your resume or get job alerts sent straight to your inbox, so you’re the first to hear about new opportunities in your field.

If you’re a remote employer…

Leverage this workplace shift to level up your team. Now, more than ever, you’ll have access to find and recruit top notch talent to take your company to new heights!